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A series of projects on surviving postwar memory in El Salvador

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AgwA + Evelia Macal + Sugiberry + Schenk Hattori
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A series of projects on surviving postwar memory in El Salvador started in April 2022. After the design and ongoing construction site of the Las Aradas project, we were invited to continue working with the communities in Chalatenango.

A first visit was organized to understand the specific contexts of commemoration, loss and community-building in the region, to understand what these places already are and how they could be developed.

The projects in El Higueral, Gualsinga and La Laguna Seca are all about commemorations on specific massacre sites. The designs try to formalize specific use, a reading of the landscape, invite new uses and expand ways of commemorating. The two projects in Arcatao and Las Vueltas consist of small museum projects where - alongside the question of exhibiting and researching documents of the war - a tight connection to the daily social life is being developed. Simultaneously, reflections on the use of colour, on how to mark elements in the landscape are being put forward.

The project is cofinanced by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and KU Leuven, in collaboration with the University of Western Ontario and Asociación Sumpul.