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Transformation and renovation of a family home in Brussels

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Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels
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REUSE - potential and energy value of the existing
The project seeks to reveal the existing annex and veranda with a few simple interventions and avoiding unnecessary demolitions. The energy cost of demolition and the grey energy of construction have been taken into account. Elements that have potential (the veranda) or that are not yet obsolete (the PVC windows on the rear façade, the boiler, the radiators) are preserved and exploited to their full potential. Finally, the elements already present are reused in other places, when possible. For example, original doors, bathroom elements, ...

REDUCE - ban new concrete or steel structures and synthetic materials
The primary decision of the architectural project is to question the systematic use of concrete or steel for the opening of simple bays. Here it is the wooden structure, juxtaposed 8/23 beams supported by wooden columns, that reveals the quality of the space. The use of cement, steel and synthetic insulation, or the import of energy-intensive new materials is kept to a minimum.

RECYCLE - reuse of existing or recovered materials
And finally, the third axis of the project: the recovery and reuse of materials according to opportunity and available resources. The support of the columns on the existing masonry foundations is made of blue stone recovered from the window whose spandrel is demolished to open the kitchen area onto the garden. The existing roof tiles are removed and re-laid after insulation as they are in good condition. The floor of the new space created (kitchen + veranda) is done with cement tiles, recovered from another site.

Mommaerts has been selected for the Renolab call for projects in the framework of "Renolution" (brussels environment), which supports sustainable construction approaches and accompanies residential transformation projects in Brussels.