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monographic exhibition at bozar with A+

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AgwA - A+ - bozar
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AgwA’s main activity – the making of architecture – can be understood as making spatial structures available for their use (‘mettre ŕ disposition’), with all the ensuing consequences. At the same time, the term refers the notion of spatial arrangement (‘disposition spatiale’, spatial layout) or to the actions that can be taken to change a situation (‘prendre des dispositions’, to take measures). AgwA’s architecture aspires to fulfil these three operational meanings of the French term ‘disposition’ simultaneously. The exhibition illustrates this through six projects. Each project sheds light on a particular aspect of the office’s syntax. These are all design strategies or transversal themes in AgwA’s oeuvre.

For their work method is also a matter of mastery (‘avoir des dispositions’, to have an aptitude for something), of intention or inclination (‘de bonnes dispositions’) and of precision (‘des dispositions particuličres’, specific arrangements), the exhibition ambitions to reveal these three distinctive meanings.

Sometimes it will be a matter of tools being used in the design, such as geometry, structure, materiality or the reality of the building site. Sometimes it will rather be about objectives and the way to deal with them.
Next to plans, sections and other documents, the six projects in these six rooms are presented using models on a 1/33 scale. This creates interaction between them. This ‘intermediate scale’ is rarely used in the building or design process but allows for a real experience of space while retaining a certain measure of abstraction.

A corridor and a projection room complete the six thematic rooms. The corridor showcases AgwA’s design process through a wide variety of scale models extracted from their practice. The film evokes the reality of the construction site and its position at the centre of their design practice."

(extract from the visitor's guide, text by Lisa De Visscher and Iwan Strauven)