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construction of the National Fine Arts School of Paris-Cergy

Location :
Client :
City of Cergy-pontoise
Team :
AgwA + Bast
Planning :
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The project aims to transform the ENSAPC, to make it visible, to make it belong to the vernacular of the park. It becomes its "greenhouse". It is an autonomous object marking a new entrance to the site.

A patio, the heart of the project, is built along the green corridor to reinforce the continuity of the park towards the avenue. The green corridor becomes the school's forecourt.
The building is organised in two adjoining volumes.

The first is composed of three identical bays, which distinguish three specific types of space.
The ground floor is dedicated to the reception of the public and to "separate" activities: the art center with independent access from the square in front of the park, the auditorium, and the specialized workshops of the volume division. On the top level, the more independent programs benefit from distant views and spaces under sheds: the cafeteria, the documentation centre, the dance hall, the artist's studio.

The second volume consists of the patio, i.e. an outdoor space enclosed by the school buildings. We propose to consider the patio as a living volume, crossed by the occupants, used as a place of education, exhibition, experimentation, a communal place, of transition with the park, of life of the institution.
It is crossed by vertical and horizontal pathways that link all the rooms together and which are designed to accommodate activities as well as to provide access.
In the central bay, three platforms allow the large workshops to be extended, to allow different events: a graduation ceremony, a show, etc.
The workshops, a place for teaching and a productive platform, are not isolated, they are open and communicate with each other, with the park and the patio.
A great deal of porosity has been created. The partitions are permeable, and students, teachers, and guests cross paths as they move from one place to another.
The patio also becomes an extension of the workshops: the passageways and mobile platforms are new places of creation.

(extracts from the competition proposal)