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Development of a new daycare structure for 49 children in the Peterbos Park

Location :
Anderlecht, Brussels
Client :
Commune d'Anderlecht
Surface :
825 m2
Team :
Subcontractors :
JZH&Partners, Enesta, ASM acoustics, Sixco
Planning :
Category :
The day-care is located in the Peterbos district. Its low volume extends generously between the housing towers, multiplying the relationships to the ground and its slope, and to the vegetation present on the site. Its double-sloped roof contrasts with its environment, it is the promise of a singular place.

The accesses are established in connection with the masterplan (STUDIO VIGANO - VVV) which redefines the routes within the Peterbos. The entrance to the district is strategically located for the day-care, which develops a wide passageway towards the interior of the district under a series of porticoes.

On the first landing, the children share the same floor and live together under a large roof. The visual connections between the sections are endless stimuli and an opening to others for the children.
The staircase is a playful place, an invitation to discover the upper space. Facing each section, a large changing area allows parents to get their children ready. After the morning rush, the sections can open onto these circulation spaces for specific activities.

Each section has large openings to the outside. The cascading interior spaces create a series of places for each child, as many spaces for the different activities of the day as for each one’s mood.
Winter gardens allow the sharing of space between sections and make it possible for kids of different ages to meet. An access to the garden provides a link to a playground open to the neighbourhood and benefits from its context, thanks to the greenery and existing trees.

(Extracts from the Competition Proposal)