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Transformation of the Chassart industrial site into a early childhood center

Location :
Forest, Brussels
Team :
AgwA + Zed
Subcontractors :
BAS Bvba, Aster Consulting BV, BEC sa
Planning :
Category :
Faced with the pre-existing heritage on the Chassart site, the very first step of the project is the recognition of the already present qualities to propose a sustainable solution in its compositional process and in the circularity of materials. The circularity is here considered as a philosophy of design, as re-use of materials and elements available and as future circularity of new materials. It is also considered in terms of flexibility and reversibility in the organization of space.

The scale of the pre-existing buildings on the site is very user-friendly compared to the other large industrial buildings in the area. It allows one to easily imagine this “city” made of different entities (hall, warehouse, annex, house), conducive to the cultural awakening of early childhood. A central hall unifies the existing buildings and ensures the permeability of the plot.

The Hall is the point of entry and orientation to the different activities. It also ensures the passage under cover, on the same level, from one building to another and towards the three entities: ONE / administrative pole and occupations by the associations and animations. The Great Hall will be the hub of the project and the adjacent Small Hall will complement it to bring a transversal dimension to the project.

The planted and paved forecourt will allow easy access thanks to its slope and will be, behind the gate, a room in itself. The Garden is designed as a second antechamber to the Cité. The Warehouse, a long building stretching from the street to the park, will house the ONE, the Theatre and a space in mezzanine. The House will be an integral part of the Cité. The existing annexes will retain their character. The Pavilion will house light-filled spaces hosting different activities with views of the garden, artistic endeavours among other things.

The rooms will be made available to different artistic and cultural initiatives. A strong versatility of the spaces is ensured with this goal in mind. However, a strong character for each space has been designed. The materiality of the floors, walls and ceilings will provide different spatial qualities to help orient people in the Cité. The play of floors and colours will allow to inhabit both a large room and sub-places on a domestic scale.

(Extracts from the Competition Proposal)