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Competition Proposal for the extension of the Haute Ecole Charlemagne

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Energy, dust, noise, hundreds of trucks on the road, landfilling, financial costs, loss of a heritage that carries promises of an anchor in time and unsuspected special qualities… The impact of a building’s demolition far outweighs the local matter of budget and heating.
We propose the almost complete preservation of the buildings, minus a few local interventions and the suppression of non-bearing partition walls. Very naturally, three beautiful classrooms take form on the second floor, and the ground floor is affected to the extension of the cafeteria and study room.

The square pavilion between the existing wing and the new structure is in general bad shape, except for its outer walls, which hold character. Freed of its interior elements, it can host a garden in which one can pass, meet, rest, and come together. Surrounding this garden is the study room, auditoriums, and large classrooms. A light structure made of walkways and staircases lead to a large terrace dominating the River Meuse and connected to the multipurpose hall.

The study room and cafeteria, as well as the lecture halls and classrooms could here open for conferences and public workshops. The garden is a functional and symbolic core to the structure. This magical place in the heart of the school is also an important entranceway. Its nature matches with public uses and announces the head offices.

(Extracts from the Competition Proposal)