Paleizenstraat 153 - 1030 Brussels
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Restructuring and renovation of 19th century farmhouses in nursery, housing and collective garden

Location :
Schaerbeek, Brussels
Client :
commune de Schaerbeek (CDQD «Pogge»)
Surface :
1802 m2
Subcontractors :
JZH & Partners, Scala, Sixco, Plant en Houtgoed
Planning :
Category :
In addition to the Fermettes, several buildings on the site have potential to be discovered and subtly exploited. If they are skilfully adjusted, they can accommodate the new programmatic functions without producing superfluous demolitions. The act of architecture will be to reveal these buildings while creating the new identity linked to the future assignments.

The project proposes to maintain the traces of the rural past by making them public, collectively apprehensible, but above all by making them the support of a sustainable urban renewal.
The Fermettes offer a public entrance to the site. In contrast with the scale of the surrounding houses, they allow the trees to be seen from the interior of the block. This permeability responds to the long tree-lined alleys of the opposite block.

The existing courtyard is the quintessential collective place. Accessible and visible from the street, it naturally extends the multi-purpose room to the outside. It is here that the various residents, experienced urban farmers, and curious passers-by will meet. A potting workshop will be held here in the spring, as well as a neighbourhood aperitif at the end of the harvest.

The interior courtyard extends into the interior of the block, on the roof of the day-care. This ample space offers maximum sun exposure essential for the creation of productive vegetable gardens.
The day-care is developed within the site. Established on one level, it offers gardens to each section. Its large wooden structure shelters all the children, allowing multiple relationships between the different sections.

(Extracts from the Competition Proposal)