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Construction on the new fair hall

Location :
Team :
AM AgwA + OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen
Subcontractors :
Bollinger&Grohmann,A+Concept,Daidalos Peutz, TTAS,Muller Van Severen, Richard Venlet, Denis Dujardin, Sixco, Delta GC
Planning :
Category :
Four outdoor spaces: identity and functionality
The urban planning is simple and effective: the implementation of a large hall of 286 by 68 meters defines several zones on its perimeter. To the North, the delivery and unloading area with its own entrances and exits, the container park and the parking lot for the operators. To the West, a tree-lined square that connects the site to the tram and bus stops. It is completed by the large mineral esplanade, an important part of the project’s identity. The entire width of the site on the city side becomes a mainly pedestrian zone, which creates a necessary interval between city and project (…)

Upgradability of the tool and developments
This implementation offers several scenarios for future development. An additional hall can easily be created by building several bays to the East. Firstly, the existing drying hall can be converted to an exhibition space at rather low cost. Indeed, the hall’s location allows it to be included in the project, raising the exhibition area to about 20.000 m². (…) In the long run, the halls could also be extended to the southern part of the site, transforming the covered promenade in a central distribution gallery. (…)

A flexible and functional enfilade
The project offers a string of rooms under a vast roof. (…). The enfilade allows several scenarios. Simultaneous fairs are possible thanks to the legible addresses of each hall on the south side and service areas, (…). A single large exhibition can also occupy all spaces, including the esplanade on the city side. Indeed, the enfilade includes the forecourt: it becomes a large outdoor ‘gallery' marked by its vast canopy.

A roof with an identity
The roof covers this enfilade and gives a strong identity to the project. It marks and protects the pedestrian circulation between the halls and the parking lot. In the West, on the city side, the simple expressiveness of this roof gives strong character to the structure, the esplanade and the square. (…)

(Extracts from the Competition Proposal)