Paleizenstraat 153 - 1030 Brussels
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Secondary school and sports center

Location :
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6.000.000,00 EUR excl VAT
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The former Takeda offices are refurbished and extended to house a new secondary school, complete with sports hall and cantine. The office block occupies the center of the plot. A first movement addresses the careful location of a new, longtidunial volume along one neighbour wall, from the street until the very back of the plot. The sports hall addresses the street and can be used in the evenings. The cantine is located at the heart of the school. The entrance of the school is located where the two volumes meet. An office building is organized around its elevators, but for a school, open, generous staircases are fundamental. This is the place where this collective vertical circulation is possible.
In its time, the prefab concrete facades of the Takeda builing provided a straightforward, constructively conscious architecture. Today, the extension echoes this approach by the use of massive isolating masonry and adapted detailing.