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Adaptation of an existing office building into a secondary school

Location :
Molenbeek, Brussels
Category :
A school in mouvement

A school project is built step by step. In the case of the future school that will occupy the site of Takeda, it is also the reality of the building that step by step will evolve over the years. This first phase of transformation is temporary. However, it must anticipate a future site and removals during the evolution of the building(s). The project therefore reflects the character of transformation, evolution and dynamic equilibrium, which is also the objective of any form of teaching.
Like its pedagogy, the building seeks to be appropriable by students and teachers. The project proposes a series of one-off interventions that are mainly independent of one another. This elemental approach allows the project to evolve serenely in the shortest time possible. Indeed, in dialogue with project owners, the elements can easily be modified, replaced, abandoned without the project as a whole suffering the consequences. This method allows to control the costs and to simply manage the site.

5 major interventions

1. interior
2. new entrance
3. emergency stairs
4. outdoor facilities
5. sanitary facilities
All interventions are designed with a view to flexibility and sustainability (in the broad sense of the term). Emphasis will be placed on the retrieval of existing elements from offices and the possible reuse of temporary construction elements. The idea is that the school can seize and reinvent with these elements of construction once the final project is built.