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Extension of a library, community house and park

Location :
Wandre (Liège)
Client :
Ville de Liège
Team :
AgwA + S2JD
Planning :
Category :
Through some modest and programmatic additions, the challenge is to create a new coherent ensemble that integrates the diversity of the existing buildings. Among them, the beautiful, imposing, and elaborate Master House is an urban landmark. We propose with conviction to integrate the house into the project from the outset. The other spaces are arranged in a linear fashion to ensure the coherence of the urban front, slightly set back and providing a breathing space in relation to the neighbours.

Architecturally and constructively, each place is identified by its own structure and a large opening onto the park. The project proposes a coherent family of steel structures.

The steel structures play a major role in the aesthetic quality of the premises: slender columns and networks of beams in various configurations. The new facades are mainly made of glass, to project the interior space onto the greenery of the park.

Wide, gentle ramps and covered walkways strongly link the park and the street, while distributing all the places in the project. Avoiding barriers and monumentalism, allowing a glimpse of indoor activities, inviting people to enter, and encouraging appropriation. It is also an informal meeting place, beyond the activities and services offered.

The preservation of the house and its integration into the project ensures a good contextual and historical anchoring of the project. Maintaining the existing structures is interesting, architecturally, economically, and ecologically. However, we need to go further. Whether the multipurpose room or the corridor and the side canopy near the library, the new structures allow a qualitative leap in these spaces. The house is linked to the generous multi-purpose hall, and the library's bays are adapted to open the space to the park.

(Extracts from the competition Proposal)