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1602 Durlet
secondary school

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AGSO - city of Antwerp
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The concept for the extension of the Durlet school pivots around the idea of exception. The existing built environment consists of a neo-Flemish renaissance court building from the late 19th century with three adjacent wings from the 60s. The client wishes to construct a fourth wing, but due to an apartment building right next to the building plot, urbanism regulations do not allow a fourth wing of the same volume.

Hence multiple ideas of exception. The socle of the building, executed in precast double walls and its floors in polished asphalt, follows the general figure of the building conglomerate and organises the entrance. The upper floors are rotated 53 in respect to this plinth, generating a clear identity of the building when one enters the courtyard, offering a sheltered playground but, most importantly, it offers vivid and refreshing views for the existing school, the apartment block as well as the classrooms in the new building. The dense site gets the opportunity to breathe. The autonomous, prismatic conception of the upper stories heightens the legibility and produces a newfound atmosphere. The facades are executed in white concrete blocks with precast concrete lintels, continuing the notion of a mineral context. Due to the position of the openings, each facade shows the openings on the adjacent facades through the lintels; in this way a readable yet abstract composition is created.