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1503 Vertigo @ Verbeke
installation at the Verbeke Foundation

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Verbeke Foundation
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In 2007, these two containers were part of the Vertigo project at the Walibi Belgium theme park. They served as souvernir shop for the ride. They were painted with a pattern reminiscent of the razzle-dazzle anti-camouflage painting technique used for ships during WWI. In 2008 the ride was dismantled, but the two containers stayed, unused, there at Walibi. In 2014, we proposed Geert Verbeke to "adopt" them at the Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke. From theme park to museum. They were displaced in 2015 to serve as an extension of the museum space, offering space for reading and consulting books, in a decompression room between museum and park. The containers are in exactly the same state and configuration as they were in Walibi, but for the renewed skylights. Their position transorm them in art object in the park, in a background for the terrace, and in a continuous extension of the museum's social spaces, between object and architecture.