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1328 bredastraat
extension and refurbishment of a school

Location :
Client :
City of Antwerp
Cost :
850.000,00 EUR excl VAT
Category :
Refurbishment and upgrading of a professional secondary school in Antwerp. Next to a lot of "invisible works" all over the school, three new workshop are created. The woodwork workshop is located in an existing gymnastics hall without much ado. The two others are small pavilions, like two rough gems in the back courtyard. Originally meant as a space for masonry apprentices, the arched brickwork now hosts a bike reparation course. After a new tramway line found its way in the back of the courtyard, the second workshop was built. Intended to house a textile section, it became the house of the bakery apprentices - and they do bake really delicious things there. The concrete beams with variable inertia follow the strange irregular trapezoid geometry of the plot. The resulting space is distorted and squeezed between existing construction, but results to be very quiet, playful and open to the courtyards.

pictures © Delphine Mathy © Séverin Malaud