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1325 Grimbergen
housing facility for adults who are seriously motor-disabled

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vzw Eigen Thuis
Cost :
3.320.397,00 EUR excl VAT
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JZH & partners
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The housing facility is a village in itself. It merges completely withe the surrounding suburban fabric. The rooms are clusterd in "houses" in groups of about 6 persons. This is the scale of a family. The internal circulations behave like streets, where the crossings become informal meeting points. Patios organize the relationship with the surroundings. They provide a sense of intimacy and confort, and also open to the life on the streets. Brickwork confers a sense of locality and of community : this is one building for one group. Yet, the roofs confirm the very small scale of the individual unit : this is about the persons themselves, their own life and house.