Paleizenstraat 153 - 1030 Brussels
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1308 Primeurs
sports hall

Location :
Forest, Brussels
Client :
Cost :
1.377.893,50 EUR excl VAT
Category :
The primeurs sports hall in Forest (brussels) suffers from a complex circulation pattern, a lack of sports space and informal gathering spaces. The building itself is a nice concrete structure with brickwork infills from the seventies, which has suffered unlucky transformations quite recently.
The project proposes the complete adaptation of the circulation scheme, a new bar and entrance sequence, a dojo for the practice of judo on the roof and a new volume with a climbing wall. These interventions envelop the existing structure, which radically modifies the perception of the building. The facades are tiled, an unusual reference to many art-deco houses in Brussels that will create a mixed feeling of déjà-vu and otherness.