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construction of a condominium of 15 social dwellings

Location :
Uccle, Brussels
Client :
Cost :
2.519.530,00 EUR excl VAT
Surface :
2.625,00 m2
Team :
Subcontractors :
JZH & partners
Planning :
Category :
The Silence project refers to the construction of 15 new social housing units in Uccle. The project is located along a large, busy road. The entrance is treated as a breach between the street and the 40m long gardens. The crossing entrance provides access to the collective garden and to the rear of the plot and organises the distribution of the flats. These accesses are arranged through this unique and central hub. The entrance and the corridors provide a collective identity for the flats and avoid having to use complicated signage.

The project study was carried out in close collaboration with the engineering offices in order to integrate the energy and comfort issues from the get go. The flats have cross-ventilation, allowing the inhabitants to benefit from maximum natural light while avoiding overheating. The large windows to the east (on the garden side) will capture heat during the winter. As the dwellings are well insulated, this heat will be retained during the day. The project is in line with the 2015 EPB norms.

The shared green space is a real focus point in this project. In this area, vegetable and ornamental gardens are planted, allowing each family to have a small private space at its disposal. This concept also creates a dynamic between the inhabitants.