Paleizenstraat 153 - 1030 Brussels
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1206 Parc Bonnevie
kindergarten, homework school and other multipurpose spaces

Location :
Molenbeek, Brussels
Client :
Molenbeek Commune, Brussels
Cost :
2.489.000,00 EUR excl VAT
Surface :
1521 m2
Team :
AgwA + ZED
Subcontractors :
JZH & Partners
Planning :
Category :
For the competition entry for a kindergarten, a homework school and other multipurpose spaces, which had to be housed in a brand new, passive-standard building
after demolishing existing buildings, we proposed to maintain some valuable buildings to host the program. Not only for patrimonial reasons, because the master house was quite interesting, but because parts of the program fitted well the available space, and first of all, because the sustainable approach of the project inherent in the
brief proved contradictory with the proposed consequence of demolition of the buildings.
Indeed, some calculations showed that the money cost of demolishing and reconstruction compared to the energy savings could only be recovered over a period of 1600 years. The energy savings compared to the grey energy of a new construction could only be recovered over a period of 80 years, much longer than any indications available about the long term robustness of highly insulated and airproof buildings.