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1002 Sint Lucas Gent
construction of a pavilion

Location :
Client :
Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst Sint Lucas
Cost :
600.000,00 EUR excl VAT
Team :
AgwA + Landinzicht
Planning :
Category :
Sint Lucas wants to provide more space for teaching activities through new workshops and classrooms in the school's garden. We propose to move the school's restaurant to a new, unique building in the garden, in dialogue with the existing legacy : strongly unitary monastic buildings and extensive garden walls.
The building reinterpretes the historical typology of open, covered city markets : these uttermost public and permeable spaces are exchange centers for the community. They embody and empower economic and cultural life. The building is an empty, polyvalent building that can freely accomodate international workshops or conferences, everyday school life and classes. Space is undifferenciated in order to stay fully open to appropriation. A roof with double slope allows to stay very low while offering a comfortable ceiling height.
The transparent volumes characterizes the garden in two main areas. Between the building, a quite urban "boulevard" is created, which shall host the most circulations and life. Behind the cafeteria, the garden opens to the south light.
The building is made of simple modular steel trusses, reinforced insulation and waterproof membrane as finishing. Simple technologies meet a compact and flexible volume in an affordable yet ambitious project.