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0917 Peronnes
development of a sports and sailing center

Location :
Client :
CFWB (Ministry of the French Community)
Cost :
10.085.168,00 EUR excl VAT
Surface :
5900 m2
Team :
AgwA + Artgineering
Subcontractors :
Ney & Partners - Boydens - Adrien Tirtiaux
Planning :
Category :
The strong presence of the water and the alluvial landscape of the Scheldt is highly determined by the fluvial infrastructure of the Nimy-Blaton waterway. A long pier is introduced, floating over this characteristic alluvial landscape and ecosystem. The pier is reminiscent of the linear human inscription in the landscape, and distribute all functions in a flexible way. A sports hall is directly bound to the parking lot, while the lodging, administration and restaurant are stretched along the pier. Complementary elements like outdoor sport fields and the sailing school are disposed in a looser way in the alluvial landscape. The Sailing School has a close relation to the water.

The sports hall and boarding school form two blocks, connected by a pier that is the beating heart of the sports center. The sailing center sits in front of it, on the landscape and with a direct connection to the water.

The architecture is expressed as horizontally as possible in order to blend in the landscape. Extensive glazing surfaces of reduced height intensify the relation to the water and landscape, enhancing the feeling of inwardness in the buildings while keeping a strong panoramic visual relation to the outside. This aesthetic simplicity and coherence of buildings allow richness in material and structural principles instead of stylistic and formal overdetermination.

phase 1 : boarding school, restaurant and administration : delivered
phase 2 : sailing workshops and cloakrooms : ongoing
phase 3 : refurbishment of the sports hall : ongoing