Paleizenstraat 153 - 1030 Brussels
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boarding school, restaurant and administration

Location :
Client :
CFWB (Ministry of the French Community)
Cost :
10.085.168,00 EUR ex EUR excl VAT
Surface :
3.289,00 m2 m2
Team :
AgwA + Artgineering
Subcontractors :
Ney & Partners - Boydens - Adrien Tirtiaux
Planning :
Category :
The project for the «Grand Large» site of Péronnes, pertains to the restructuration and the extension of the current Adeps Center. On one hand, the project plans the demolition of the unsanitary prefabricated buildings, while on the other, it designs the almost total renovation of the most recent constructions, though lacking in architectural value. Thus, the housing buildings will be renovated to some extent, the foyer will be extended, and the existing sports hall will be enlarged and renovated completely. To these existing parts are added new constructions, to replace the demolished prefabs.

Because the existing site was spatially disorganized, the project introduces a new organisational system for the different buildings. A long rectangular covered platform displays a new organisation and spatial legibility, which allows the perfect integration of new elements with the existing ones, while increasing the visibility, accessibility and the security of the site.

After consulting the client regarding the management of the center, great importance is placed on the creation of multi-purpose spaces, which could serve not only the center, but also the public. For example, the sports hall could host big events independently from the rest of the center.