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0913 Eau d'heure
ADEPS sport center

Location :
Client :
CFWB (Ministry of the French Community)
Cost :
2.000.000,00 EUR excl VAT
Surface :
2887 m2
Team :
AgwA + Weinand
Subcontractors :
Planning :
Category :
The Cierneau Adeps Centre is set on the Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure site and is formed by quite unsignificant but very coherent bricks buildings. They are built around a huge flat sportsground.
The project completes the series of buildings and gives the centre a new face. Its situation on the site creates a new entrance for external users, completes the set of available sportgrounds. It redefines and confirms the territory of the Adeps centre on site.

When approaching the site, a singular view reveals the lake and the dam's landmark further way. The new building sets there sideways. Its contrasting white and multifaceted geometry reinforces its objectuality and identity, while playing with / referring to the lacustre environment.

The origami-like folded structure of massive wooden beams is also used as interior finishing. As sports is about the fulfilment of body and soul, the hall combines structural performance with forms and aesthetics.