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0905 Riva Bella
school campus and restaurant

Location :
Braine l'Alleud
Client :
CFWB (Ministry of the French Community)
Cost :
990.000,00 EUR excl VAT
Team :
Subcontractors :
Ney & Partners - Seca Benelux
Planning :
Category :
The school is an ambivalent building. Extraverted collective spaces communicate on the first floor with the main campus and the outside world. the canteen and the sports hall can be freely connected, forming a polyvalent space.

On the second floor, classrooms gather in a L-shape around the playground and the gardens. Circulatory spaces can be widely opened and are to be considered a natural extension of exterior spaces. The building uses the context's slope in order to differentiate the program, and to put the playground on the garden's level. While the space is open, the use of fences is made obsolete.

The structure and organization of space is straightforward and uttermost rational, but several shifts between closed walls and transparent skins express the pragmatic poetics of the building.