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0806 Philippeville
masterplan for a school campus and school restaurant

Location :
Client :
CFWB (Ministry of the French Community)
Cost :
1.475.000,00 EUR excl VAT
Surface :
1000 m2
Team :
AgwA + Artgineering
Subcontractors :
Ney & Partners - Boydens
Planning :
Category :
The new school restaurant and the reorganization of the whole campus, imply the rethinking of its relationship to the city. The campus is part of a green "cut” inviting an extensive landscape to the heart of the town. This green landscape is flexible and blurs borders. It absorbs freely changes and transformations over time.

A "loop" forms the backbone of the campus’ transformational process. Better, this uniting landmark doesn't imply heavy investments. In a borderless landscape from rural fields to urban centre, it allows the campus to evolve in a flexible way and ensures its spatial identification during the process.

The restaurant is located at the center of the campus. Indeed, the restaurant is a central place : both the heart of the campus' life and regeneration. The building is conceived as an irreducible set of "rooms" with different sizes, heights, and uses.

The building is flexible and accessible : it is a place for all. An open light wood structure fits the room's dimensions. More and stronger spaces for less. The high compacity level is combined to a strong insulation. A low temperature heating system corresponds the warmth recuperation on the ventilation. Last, the extensive use of daylight makes it an energetically proficient building.