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0614 BPS22
BPS22 contemporary arts platform

Location :
Client :
province of Hainaut
Cost :
3.281.269,00 EUR excl VAT
Surface :
3000 m2
Team :
AgwA + Matador
Subcontractors :
JZH & Partners - IRS depré
Planning :
Category :
The new BPS22 in Charleroi is defined by two fundamentally opposed and radical proposals. Indeed, there is no compromise to be found between the "off" places breaking the news, and the institutionalized and codified musea. Instead, it is through the complementary coexistence of both that the renewed BPS22 acquires a new identity, new dynamics and new potentials. First, the existing industrial hall is kept untouched in its raw, tough, state. Second, the central building is completely replaced by a new one, which fills the entire space, and preserves the existing neoclassical colonnade.

In the making of the project, isotropy and porosity are the words. Halls are simply juxtaposed, separated only by columns. No wall can be found here, but one patio and one double level organize the entire building. Long repetitive sheds ensure the feeling of unity and the quality of the light.

Whitout doubt, this building is scenographied, but it is an impossible scenography. Or better said, one of the endless possibilities. Each exhibition forces the curator to think it again, as the absence of walls mean the absence of ready-made solution. In the end, this absolute flexibility inverses itself : as each space is designed as a possible exhibition space, each space also becomes a possible space for any programmatic activity, including the ones that are not thought of at this day.