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0607 My carpet
modular workspace and computer bag

Location :
Client :
Stichting Interieur Kortrijk
Team :
AgwA + Ester Goris
Planning :
Category :
MYCA - 2006 - Mycapet - Design for Europe competition, Belgium (distinction)

carpet of territoriality

Today’s worker, freelance consultant, employee, artist, manager has to make proof of maximal flexibility and mobility. Your workspace evolved from a static and personnalized space to an undefined, open, ever changing space. Others permanently invade your workplace and your «personnal bubble».
MyCarpet is an answer to this lack of definition and privacy regarding your workspace. Your office can’t be a stable workplace anymore. It has become a mobile and polyvalent carpet enabling instantaneous territorial marking, organization, and protection.

carpet of versatility

MyCarpet is a very simple rectangle, covered on one face with scratch fabric. Put your own stuff on it with the enclosed scratch : you have a total control over your territory. The carpet itself is a vacuum mattress filled with polystyrene balls : fold it, bend it, deform it, close it, and then FREEZE it into a solid shell. your bag is securized, your workspace is stabilized in an highly ergonomic environment.

fold it, freeze it

Vacuum mattresses are used in the medical world to immobilize wounded persons or members without causing pressure or additional deformation. They are perfect for protecting fragile work tools and territory. The mattress can be frozen by a small vacuum pump : the polystyrene balls stick together like a bag of coffee grains.
MyCarpet will fit to you, your body, your tools and your space in any circumstances.

pictures © AgwA