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0604 Gribaumont
extension of a house

Location :
Surface :
30 m2
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Planning :
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The small ground floor appartment and its garden present almost the same surface. Despite its small size, the garden offers unique qualities to the appartement : green and no front neighbours. Almost a piece of farmland in a otherwise dense urban context.

Living space had to be added in order to enjoy the green set and the sunny orientation. The question immediately arised : how can we save the garden’s integrity while dividing it in two more or less equal parts ? The project is limited to the making of one wide window hanging over the garden. Through a fold in the façade, it responds the garden geometry. Garden and living space are indissociable.

The scrap budget leaded to two main decisions. First, the construction itself was separated from the interior design, which was left over the clients. On the other hand, the waterproof membrane is used as finishing on the facade, in order to avoid additional cladding. This rough option in balanced through the precision of the windows and by three large white concrete stairs.

pictures © Daniel Locus