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0310 Jassogne
construction of a swimming pool and a barn

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96 m2
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The client lives on the edge of a remote village with a breathtaking view on a valley of the Condroz region. The only border between the garden and the neighbouring meadow is a simple wire fence. AgwA was asked to design a pond in the garden and to rebuild a barn to store farm equipment. A pond on a hill? A swimming pool in a meadow?
The house is separated from the village by a vegetation screen, which emphasizes the feeling of standing on the edge of the hilltop. The pond, the barn and a strong stonewall are unfolded along this green barrier, proposing a new dialogue with the landscape.
The "pond" is designed as a rough concrete rectangular natural pool, with a strong agricultural connotation. Feeding trough? Fountain? Manure pit?
The barn is a light and elementary wooden structure resting on a long stonewall. These three elements, concrete block, barn and stonewall are simply placed here, at once independent and interlinked, like a collection of elementary architectural icons on a shelf of grass.

The project has been published several times and was part of the "Carnet d'Architecture Bois".

pictures © Marie-Françoise Plissart