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AgwA : Chantier - Construction Site

Soft cover / 96 pages / 27 x 21 cm
Published by MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
Languages EN, FR
Texts by: Jan De Vylder, Tom Emerson
Design Überknackig
ISBN 978 94 6393 002 4
Price 20.00 euros + shipping cost
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"AgwA shows work in progress: execution as a verb. A collection of collected images. Without a necessary order or sequence. Enlarged and then zoomed in again. But moments that had to be visualised at that time. Perhaps merely to serve as witness. Perhaps ultimately as an unencumbered catalogue of which only this or that will really be understood later on. Or will even be used. AgwA makes work of work in progress: execution as a context. That all of those images are collected is not odd. Not odd in and of itself. As situated: the importance of the building site. But also not strange for AgwA itself. The work itself of AgwA. Increasingly the work situates the idea of what a building truly is. How it is made. Or rather, how it is actually made." - Jan De Vylder

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